Designers who make dreams reality, engineers who dream new dreams
A design and technology graduate school will be established to encourage talented minds to create new applications and markets based on creative thinking in the areas of design and technology. It will train talented individuals to master the process of innovative design, product development, and commercialization.

Aimed at cultivating creative and capable minds, the school will challenge designers to develop an engineering capacity to understand technology and develop products. Meanwhile, engineers will be trained to cultivate a sense of design creativity and to develop human-centered designing skills.

SeoulTech has been understanding the need for talented individuals who can play an important role in the Ministry of Commerce’s and KIDP (Korea Institute of Design Promotion)’s plans for a creative economy since 2014. Therefore, it has been running a design and technology graduate program since 2015.

SeoulTech’s design and technology program promotes the convergence of creative design with technological knowledge for the fostering of talented individuals who can identify new applications and market opportunities, develop products from user perspectives, and lead the entire commercialization process.

The design and technology program works with hands-on experts to help students develop and implement innovative products and services that can become market-leaders. Furthermore, it puts students in touch with quality professionals with technical competencies and professional product and design experience.
Excellence of the Design and Technology Program
  • • The best design and technology convergence program in Korea
  • • Project-based education
  • • Student support opportunities, including full scholarship and academic fusion project support
  • • Participation in product development projects in tandem with 17 corporations, including Samsung
  • • Collaborative projects with prestigious foreign institutions such as Aalto and Lawrence
  • • Talented individuals with technology expertise, an understanding of design, and problem-solving skills to lead the process of product planning, development, and commercialization
  • • Hands-on professionals capable of creating innovative products
  • • Professionals capable of leading and working across research and development, design, and marketing
  • • Creative minds capable of using both technology and design to develop products with innovative competencies