The objective is to bring up excellent technology engineers by developing education & research programs characterized by the close cooperation of enterprise and universities in the manufacturing field related with the NIT (Nano Technology + Information Technology) fusion industry, which is the next generation of industrial technology fields and the NIT-related process field. In addition, through educational-industrial collaboration subjects of the nano/micro-IT field, display manufacturing field, packaging field, next generation etching field, etc., technological manpower to satisfactorily suit these technology fields has been generated by educating technological manpower combined with practical technique and research capability. Specialized fusion technology manpower in up-to-date industrial fields is cultivated by developing new courses through the fusion of nano and information technology and performing research.
Program and Major Track
Nano·IT Fusion Program
Nano·IT fusion process/equipment Nano micro robot system Nano·IT mechatronics
NIT production system Nano micro mechanical system Production of micro/nano parts