Purpose of Establishment
Based on Korea’s first industry-academic cooperative system, the Graduate School of Nano IT Design Fusion fosters core professionals for leading the future-oriented knowledge-based creative education. This specialized graduate school provides fusion education and established for the purpose of fostering Global Leaders in the fields of fusion between Nano-IT / Broadcasting-Communication / IT-Design for spreading national growth engines and creating new values.
Object of Establishment
Fusion education has advantages as a conventional system gained through changes comprised of various collectives and beliefs. Thus, this sublimates correlative synergy relations for new educational systems to create value for maximizing the effects of educational goals.
  • Educational Content
  • Educational Goal
  • Curriculum
  • Educational Characteristics
  • Educational Experience
Operation of Programs
Program Term of Study Semester Class Required Credits Degree

Master’s Program


2 years (4 semesters) 2-semester program Day/Night 30 Academic/professional degree

Master’s Program

(Non thsis)

2 and a half years (5 semesters) 2-semester program Day/Night 33 professional degree
Doctorate Program 2 and a half years (5 semesters) 2-semester program Day/Night 36 Academic/professional degree
Combined Master’s and Doctorate Program 4 years (8 semesters) 2-semester program Day/Night 60 Academic/professional degree
Student Quota
Program Entrance quota Degree
Entrance quota Master’s 22

  Master of Engineering: Dept.of Nano IT Fusion Engineering, Dept. of Information technology & Media Engineering

 Master of Design : Dept. of IT Design Fusion, Dept. of Design Engineering

Doctorate 17

 Doctor of Philosophy : Dept.of Nano IT Fusion Engineering, Dept. of Information technology & Media Engineering

Doctor of Design :  Dept. of IT Design Fusion


Purpose of Education
The Graduate School of Nano IT Design Fusion was established to create values for spreading national growth engines, to realize future-oriented fusion education and to foster Global Leaders of the knowledge-based creation industry. Thus, we produce the driving force for leading and advancing convergence industries and product creations, such as fusion between industries, fusion between networks and fusion between humans and IT. In this regard, the Graduate School of Nano IT Design Fusion takes the leading role in the extensive convergence of the NT (Nano Technology), IT (Information Technology), and DT (Design Technology) sectors.
Educational System
  • Construct fusion education system that responds to rapidly changing new industry technology (NT·IT·DT) environments and faithfully reflects the corporate VOC (voice of customer)
  • Construct advanced technology education environments that provide field-linked hands-on experience education in the NT·IT field
  • Foster global engineers in the NT·IT·DT industrial fields through the maintenance of advanced educational standards and creation of technical exchange conditions
Promotion Strategy
    • Immediate provision of advanced educational materials
    • Construction of industry-academic-research global network
    • Execute field-linked experiential education
    • Create cutting-edge technology education environment
    • Construct NT+IT+DT fusion technology education system
    • Recruit teachers with abundant field experience
Educational Method
Existing graduate school
  • Individual technical education
    (1 academic advisor)
  • 1 Professors provide guidance to many students
  • Re-education during deployment in industrial site
  • Lack of expertise when deployed in industrial site
Graduate School of Nano IT
Design Fusion
  • Fusion technology education
    (special teaching and guidance)
  • Special guidance from professor within research group
  • Research site applied technology education
  • Strengthen industrial competitiveness through immediate deployment in industrial site (re-education investment not required)